Unboxed dreams of a world where people dare and can be themselves, without being judged. A world where there is place for everyone. By making young people more aware of subjects such as equality, freedom and diversity, the way they look at the world will broaden. No one is the same, and this should be celebrated.


Suggestie: “Kids and youth depend on their parents, school, television shows and the internet to form their view of the world. Consequently, this means that grown ups, often unconsciously, decide how they present the world to their kinds and other young people around them. More of often than not this is a very narrow and particular projection of the world. A world full of stereotypes, judgements, and expectations are passed on from generation to generation this way. The innocent princess will always be saved by the brave prince. The princess will always be thin and white; and the price handsome and white. Unless we consciously show youth that the world does not work that way, and that it is a much more diverse place, stereotypes, boxes and closed mindedness will remain. Ultimately this will not make the world more understanding and celebratory of our differences and will the ‘other’ continue to be labeled as weird and dangerous.

Depression and suicide caused by the bullying and judgement of others are the severe consequence if we do not take action to inform our kids that the world is a beautiful diverse place in which there is a space for everyone.

That is why Unboxed wants to stimulate young people in an interactive and modern way to form their own opinion about subjects such as diversity, freedom and sexuality. Through connecting influencers, artists and other leading personalities to our projects and activities, we can reach and enthuse young people more easily. Also, we make people with a voice more aware of the fact that they have an opportunity to do good. Working together on a more colorful future where everyone can live in freedom.


Unboxed makes young people aware of subjects such as sexuality, diversity and freedom through different interactive projects and special programs at schools. Ambassadors will try to start a conversation with the youngster through a series of questions about a variety of topics. Unboxed hopes to open the minds of youth through conversations, and even discussions, that derive from the different answers to these questions. For example, do you ever use the word ‘gay’ as a term of abuse? Do you ever call someone fat? Do you ever treat your classmate differently because of their origin? Are you aware of the emotional damage this can cause?  Ambassadors work together towards to greater goal of Unboxed: A world where everyone can be themselves.

For younger kids we organize activities through which they are introduced to a different ‘normal’. Herewith we want to plant a seed that there is not just one way to live your life. Everyone lives their life in their own way and that should be celebrated not judged.



Making young people think about how they see the world and all diversity on it.

Date: june
Location: High schools in Amsterdam
Age: 11 to 12 years old


Introduce kids through an easy and accessible way to diversity. Men are dressed up as princesses and walk in high heels while women are wearing suits and mustaches. Nothing is crazy and all is celebrated.

Date: Wednesday the 31st of July
Location: The Loft @ A’dam Tower
Age: 4 to 10 years old


Young people still depend on the reporting of the Pride by the news or social media. By creating an opportunity to watch the Pride front row, Unboxed gives them the a chance to form their own opinion about that what they see and experience that day.

Date: Saturday the 3rd of August
Location: Prinsengracht Amsterdam
Age: 11 to 12 years old

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Eric Dijkhuizen
Eric DijkhuizenVolle Smaken
Cathelijne Blok
Cathelijne BlokTheTittyMag
Barbara Vos
Barbara VosProgrammamaker


Volle Smaken

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Lisa Maschhaupt
Lisa MaschhauptFounder and creative
Lisa is a hairdresser, writer and founder of jewelry label Golden Noodle. Besides this she runs Unboxed. Lisa founded Unboxed because she is surprised how many people still not dare to be who they truly are. “Through Unboxed I want to stimulate youth to be themselves and accept others for who they are. This way the world can be a little more colorful, free and understanding.” – Lisa M.
Chris Boven
Chris BovenEducation
Chris has been active for years in education in different roles. Today he helps youth with the process of becoming professional with his company Boardroom Rebels. “My favorite moment is helping a young person making the right choice and accompany them to their goals. Be who you are!” – Chris B.
Geertje Boven
Geertje BovenEducation
Geertje has been an entrepreneur for the last 15 years. As a freelance teacher she experiences daily how important it is that kids can be who they want to be. “I see how complicated it is for adolescents. I really do think Unboxed can help making this a little easier.” – Geertje B.
Maartje Weijers
Maartje WeijersConnecter
Maartje is works in advertising. Her roots lay in Amsterdam nightlife; where she organised many parties for the LHTBQ+ community. Today she uses her creative network to support initiatives that want to make the world a little nicer and kinder. Unboxed is close to her heart and right along the other organizations she has works with.
Rogier Werver
Rogier WerverCreative
For the last 20 years Rogier has been the creative director for Q-dance/ID&T. Bringing diverse and young people together are important to be able to do his job successfully.
“It is a very good thing to create experiences for youth with Unboxed and achieve more awareness with that.” – Rogier W.
Pieter Jan Boterhoek
Pieter Jan BoterhoekCreative
Since graduating Pieter has started two different design studios. Pieter likes to challenge people’s thinking through his art. A designer can have a significant place in the fight against discrimination through provoking designs and art.
“As a child it is important that you can recognize yourself in the society around you. With every little step a child take he or she tries to become someone who they want to be. Possibilities should be endless and unlimited.”
Myrthe van Pelt
Myrthe van PeltConnector
Myrthe has more than 10 years of experience as a booker and manager for models, writers and hosts. Her broad network of ‘insiders’ can help form fun collaborations for Unboxed. “My ultimate wish for my two sons is that they grow up exploring love and life freely and become whomever they want to be.” – Myrthe van P
Robbert Maruanaija
Robbert MaruanaijaCreative
Robbert works in advertising as creative director. After being a professional soccer player he ended up in the creative sector. Robbert is at his best when creating concepts and exploring ideas that make the world a better place.


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